Illustration, Mastodon rock picking.

In July, 2022, I spent two weeks at Geo-Camp, a bus tour out of Texas A&M, leading myself and 20+ science teachers through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. From an outcrop, a volcano caldera, the footwall of a fault, a glacial valley, the toe of a landslide, to a pristine flowing stream, I had a chance to observe and learn about geological processes, fluvial concepts, and some of the effects of climate change on our environment. I looked for fossils in ancient buttes, (once undersea,) got to see the K-PG boundary, where a thin layer of material marks the mass extinction, 66 million years ago, and climb up and slide down dunes at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I toured a gold mine, explored caverns, and soaked in a hot spring. I saw great-horned sheep, marmots, lizards, pika, tarantula, and elk. I saw lots and lots and lots of rock. A few bits I lugged home. Now I would like to become a geologist, please.